If you’re selling your home, you likely have a lot of things on your mind. With the upcoming move, you’re probably trying to get all of your things in order and have yourself as prepared as possible to start this new stage in your life.

Along with these matters, you are also trying to sell your home as quickly as possible and for the asking price or more. Among all of these thoughts and concerns, it’s unlikely that you’ve given any thought to hiring a home inspector. That’s for the buyer to do, right?

Actually, seller’s home inspections, often called pre-listing inspections, are becoming quite the norm, and for good reason!

Since our last post discussed the benefits of hiring an inspector for buyers, this time we’ll go over why you, the seller, should get a home inspection in Knoxville. Continue reading to learn more or contact us today if you’re in need of an inspection!

“Sellers are increasingly ordering pre-listing home inspections to avoid losing the advantage in negotiations. When you are able to make repairs before listing your property, you have the advantage, and time is on your side.”

1. Fewer Surprises

When a homeowner prepares his or her home to sell, they typically do a deep clean, declutter, and try to make it look good for the buyer. Often they think they’ve got everything ready to go, until the buyers order a home inspection and begin making repair demands.

A pre-listing home inspection could provide you with information about your home that you may not know. You will know ahead of time what repairs need to be made, saving you time and money.

2. Works with Your Schedule

As you prepare to sell your home, a pre-listing home inspection makes it possible to see your home from the buyer’s perspective. Our home inspector will inspect your home so you can know which repairs need to be made ahead of listing. This gives you time to make the repairs on your schedule.

When a buyer finds problems with your house, they may ask for repairs. When they do, it often needs to be done quickly in order to satisfy their offer. This creates a stress situation, which could easily be avoided by having a seller’s home inspection.

3. Motivates the Buyer

When you order a pre-listing home inspection, buyer’s can rest knowing that you have been diligent in your efforts to not only disclose known issues, but to pre-emptively make repairs. They may choose to bypass a buyer’s home inspection altogether, saving time and money.

4. Higher Asking Price

With a professional home inspection report in your pocket detailing the quality of your home, you may be able to bump up the asking price. Without a need to make repairs after the purchase, buyer’s may be willing to pay more.

5. Faster Closing Time

After signing a contract, the typical home inspection period is a week to two weeks. If during that time the buyer’s inspection uncovers something that needs repairs, it could push back the closing date until the repairs are made. In addition, a re-inspection may needed to confirm repairs were completed. You may avoid all this by ordering a pre-listing home inspection.

6. More Potential Buyers

You show potential buyers that you are serious about making a deal when you order a seller’s home inspection. The house is move-in ready, which is important to buyers.

7. Avoid Deal Breakers

A handful of problems are considered deal breakers in many real estate transactions. When you have the following unresolved issues, buyers are more likely to walk away:

  • Mold
  • Water Damage
  • Roof Damage
  • Foundation Problems
  • Old Plumbing

8. Marketing Material

The inspection report provides a nice marketing piece to show potential buyers. When you show buyers an objective, third-party report, they can relax knowing that a professional has already checked out the house.

1st Choice Home Inspections provides seller’s home inspections in the Knoxville and Nashville markets. Homeowners in the surrounding counties trust us to with their inspections daily.