Yes, buyer’s are encouraged to attend the last 30 minutes of the home inspection. We ask that you arrive during this time so the inspector may complete the inspection without interruptions. He will do a better job for you and the results will be more accurate. Your inspector is happy to walk the property, discuss any findings, and provide you an opportunity to ask questions during the last 30 minutes. Please coordinate the arrival time directly with your inspector.

If we are responsible for access into the property through Supra or a lockbox, we cannot allow anyone to enter during our inspection until the appointed completion time, unless accompanied by a qualified representative (i.e. Realtor®). When we are responsible for access, we assume liability for the property and the contents. Because of this, it is essential that you follow these guidelines and only attend at the appointed time, unless you have a qualified representative present to accompany you.

Unaccompanied buyers may not walk through a home at any time; they must have representation present. This needs to be done by the real estate agent. If your real estate agent is with you, you may arrive at any time during the inspection.