Hello this is Tommy Kirby with 1st Choice Home Inspections, and today I’m inspecting a house in Seymour.

You’d be surprised how many times I see this, but I pulled up and the roof on the front appears brand new. Probably less than a year or two old.

Moving over to the back part of the roof, they did not reroof this.  There’s a lot of deterioration, missing shingles, buckled shingles.

But you’d be surprised how many times I run into this. Probably the last six months, maybe three times, I’ve inspected a house, pulled up the front looked brand new. Then you actually get up here, walk around the back, and it’s, I  don’t want say, “all to pieces,” but it really needs to be replaced.

You really couldn’t see this from the backyard. You’d have to actually get up here to to see this. But another reason to get a home inspector is to really scrutinize these roofs.

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