Don’t forget to order the “termite inspection” when you order your home inspection.
It is inexpensive to do, but can be costly if you don’t.

Do I need a termite inspection?

Years ago, all real estate transactions in Tennessee required a WDO inspection, most commonly referred to as “termite letter”. The law does not require termite letters anymore, but lenders do require them for certain types of loans. So what is it and do you need one?

“Termite Inspection” is actually a misnomer. A termite inspection is really more than looking for signs of termites. To be precise, it is a wood destroying organism inspection (WDO).

The trained pest technician performs a visual inspection of the home to look for signs of many types of wood destroying organisms, including termites, powderpost beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and more. These creatures can destroy a home if left untreated.

Crawlspaces provide an environment appealing to termites. A “termite inspection” is one of the least expensive services that we recommend.

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About Fortify Pest

Fortify Pest, is the preferred vendor of WDO inspections for 1st Choice Home Inspections in the Knoxville area market. They are the only company we use for this service.

Fortify Pest is owned by Shawn Phillips.

Although he has many years of pest control industry experience, the most important thing he brings to the table is honesty and integrity.

In addition to performing WDO inspections, Fortify Pest is a full service pest control company. They have several pest control packages available for year-round service.

Fortify Pest Makes a Difference

Fortify Pest was founded with a mission to “make a lasting, positive impact on our community.” With that in mind, they donate a percentage of every dollar spent on services to one of three local non-profits.

Customers are given the opportunity to choose which of the three charities gets to be the recipient. Fortify Pest partners with Wears Valley Ranch, a ministry providing Christian homes, education, and counseling to children in crisis situations; Live-It ministry, and Hope Resource Center, a ministry providing free reproductive and medical assistance to women.

How Much Does a Termite Inspection (WDO) Cost?

The cost of a termite inspection in the Knoxville area is just $95.00.*

*May be slightly higher in outlying areas.