Whether you’re purchasing your first home or your fifth, buying a home can be an exciting time. It can can also be a bit overwhelming.

You got your finances in order, figured out your price range, researched listings and locations, and visited homes with your REALTOR®. The process seemed never-ending. But you finally found the home of your dreams and all of those necessary home buying steps were worth it.

Unfortunately, some buyers stop there and neglect one of the most critical things they need to do, get a home inspection before finalizing the deal!

In this post, we discuss the importance of ordering a buyer’s home inspection in Knoxville. We also make the case that it is a crucial step in the process that should not be overlooked. If you recently signed a contract for a new home, don’t forget to contact us to schedule the home inspection!

“Skipping the home inspection gives me an advantage as a buyer in today’s fast-selling, competitive environment,” says no one ever who cares about their money!

How a Home Buyer Evaluates a House

Most property owners do not order a home inspection before putting their home on the market, not even for their own peace of mind. Most sellers skip this step and leave it to potential buyers to inspect the property.

As a buyer, you drive up to a house and see that amazing curb appeal. You’re already beginning to think it may be just what you’re looking for. The yard looks great and the neighborhood is close to everything you love. The large, shady oak trees take to you summers you spent at grandma’s house when you were a kid. “Is this the one?”

The few minutes you spend inside the home leave you excited about where you will put your new furniture (you’re already planning). The back yard has a great area where the kids can play and the deck is perfect for barbeque. And you can just see the bonus room as your new movie theater.

You are imagining yourself living in this magnificent home, having friends over, and loving life. It’s a done deal! Make the offer and sign the papers. Not so fast!

How a Home Inspector Evaluates a House

Most buyers look for the best aspects of a home when they’re shopping and may overlook small issues, especially in this competitive market. But what about possible major issues you don’t see in those 15-30 minutes you were there?

Did you look in the attic to see if the roof is leaking? Did you get in the crawlspace to see if water is pooling there? Do you know if the electrical panel is wired correctly?

Is the grading around the house and the gutters keeping the foundation dry? And by the way, how old is that HVAC system and hot water heater?

You get what I’m saying, it takes a trained eye to see the things that we look for and to know what to look for. You need a trained eye, and we are trained to look for all the things you are not.

What About New Construction?

Many people falsely believe that a newly constructed home is without issues, because, well, it’s new! Clearly this is not the case. Even new homes can have wiring, plumbing, and structural problems that aren’t immediately evident to the untrained eye.

We offer home inspections for older homes and newly constructed homes alike. Our services also include “Pre-Drywall Inspections”, occasionally referred to as “Phase Inspections.”

See our article: Do I Really Need a “New Construction” Home Inspection?

Benefit in Negotiations

One of the benefits of ordering a buyer’s home inspection is to gain information, allowing you to negotiate with leverage. If the home inspection uncovers problems with the home, you can often negotiate to have the seller make repairs and pay for them. Alternatively, they may reduce the asking price to allow you to make  the improvements yourself.

In addition, home inspections often provide a way out of the contract if major issues are found that are beyond what you are willing to deal with.